How to...

Find Nemo

Step 1: Touch the butt.

step 2: crash into Dory

step 3: get a nosebleed right in front of a shark

step 4: ESCAPE!

step 5: Just keep swimming!

step 6: Read the mask with the light of a VERY  angry anglerfish

step 7: play charades with a giant school of fish

step 8: go over the trench, not through

step 9: bounce your way through a jellyfish forest.

step 10: Ride the EAC on a turtle's back.

step 11: tell little turtles all that has happened and let them spread the story.

step 12: go down the swirling vortex of terror

step 13: Speak whale.

step 14: stay in the whale's mouth for a while.

step 15: get launched out of the whale's blowhole and into Sydney Harbor.

step 16: Ride in a pelican's mouth to P. Sherman Walaby Way, Sydney, only to find that Nemo is "dead"

step 17: find that Nemo survived and give him a hug.

step 18: save Dory from a tuna net.

step 19: stop being paraniod and race Nemo to school

step 20: Congradulations! you have found Nemo!