China is a very big place it has 1,396,523,072 people .China is a socialist town, because there are a lot of people in the town of China. The life expectancy m/f is 72.20 years in (2012). Literacy rate is 95.1. The Capital is Beijing.  China GDP is 6807.43 usa in (2013) The GDP rank in the would is 34.8338.

The three important events that are happened are the arme hite a goal in China,that China has faster enternet,China has a lot more bisissin and a lot moe people then they did last year in 2013.

The current event are they are like people two child poles.

The major company in China is China National Petroleum Corporation

I feel that my country is successful be I make amost all the stuff we use.

I think my country need to improve their because there leader own all the thing I think that same people should own some of it that would help the people and the leader.

The Three tourist attractions are the Great Wall of china,Beijing,the old town.

Thing to do in China -The different food. In China are  (fish,soup,tofu,and all more food)-the different rules you have to fall

The type of government -Is communist

The type of economy -socialist.

Place to visit in China are

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