Themes of Vanity Fair

Victorian Beauty...

During the Victorian age, women couldn't do many things like wear makeup or show much to any skin. They couldn't have tan skin because it was considered to be very vulgar, but having pale skin was a sign of being noble or having nobility. How they dressed was important to them. An example of beauty from the book... Becky is seen by those as being beautiful. Everyone loves her, she gets along with people easily.'Effie')_Chalmers_(n%C3%A9e_Gray),_Lady_Millais_by_Thomas_Richmond.jpg,_1775_-_Mus%C3%A9e_Antoine_L%C3%A9cuyer2.jpg

Victorian Status...

Victorian Status can be talked about in different ways, depending on if your talking about everyone in general, or if your talking about men and/or women alone. As a group, you can be known to be poor or rich, depending on if your wealthy or not. When it comes to women you can be known as a "Good Women" or a "Fallen women." With Becky, she would be recognized as poor, because she's an orphan and isn't rich like Joesph who would be considered rich or wealthy.

Victorian Greed..

William Makepeace Thackeray is best known for Vanity Fair, which his book is filled with greed. In the book we are reading it's all about money and if your poor or rich. If your rich and like someone whos poor, your parents may not think your right for one another, like Becky & Joseph. Becky, only care about one thing. She wants money and class, she's tired of being poor, she doesn't care much about anyone but herself and she seems to be very greedy.

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