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Products & Services (Landscape Materials)

Beauty Bark, Soil and Rockery Rock are fundamental staples in most all landscaping projects. CRI offers a variety of quality Beauty Barks, Soils, Gravel and Rocks available to you to pick up at any of our plant facilities or for delivery. If you are not sure which product best suits your particular application or you would like to place an order for delivery, please call Gravel Dispatch.

In certain situations, CRI can perform haul off or exporting services by removing from your job site certain soils, aggregate and concrete waste material. Truck rental is also available. For more specific information please contact Gravel Dispatch.

Below is a summary of the products that CRI offers and some possible uses. If you are interested in a product that you do not see on this list, please call to check availability as this list is only a sampling of our products.

Barks and Soils

Three Way Mix: A blend of 33% topsoil, 33% sand, 33% PREP compost. This product works great for new lawn (seed or sod), flower beds, and vegetable gardens.

Two Way Mix : A 3/8" screened blend of 60% clean sand and 40% organic. Works well to mix into high clay soils or very wet areas Promotes excellent drainage and can be custom blended to suit your needs.

Premium Garden Mix: 1/3 fine black bark, 1/3 clean sand, and 1/3 organic screened on a 3/8" screen. Perfectly blended for vegetable gardens or raised beds. (Made upon order)

Organic Fine & Medium Prep Compost: Composted at Pierce County’s Land Recovery Inc., located in Puyallup, WA. Compost adds valuable organic nutrients to soil or can be used as ground cover. Also available are 1 cu. ft bagged compost.

Fine and Medium Bark: Our bark is a high quality and visually appealing ground cover that helps with weed control and adds a beautifully finished look to any yard.


Rock has multiple uses in landscaping projects. Rock can be used to build retaining walls or used for decorative purposes.

½ Man Rock to 5 Man Rock

½ man is approx 8” to 12” in size while 5 man is 48” to 54” with several sizes in between. Typically 2 man and larger could require a piece of machinery to move. This rock is great for building retaining walls or used as placement rocks as decoration in landscaping projects

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