Reduce the drinking age.

          The Logic Behind Lowering the Drinking Age

If you can sign a contract, purchase and use tobacco, have a house in your own name, gamble, and get married at the age of 18, you should be able to purchase and consume alcohol. Currently the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) in the United States is 21 years of age. However this age should be lowered to 18 contingent upon high school graduation. This will be proven by talking about decision making, supervision, and injuries.

In the first place, lowering the drinking age would lower unsafe drinking habits. “Prohibiting this age group from drinking in bars, restaurants, and other licensed locations causes them to drink in unsupervised places such as fraternity houses or house parties where they may be more prone to binge drinking and other unsafe behavior,” says Barret Seaman of In other words he is saying that if there was a reduced drinking age more people would be practicing safe drinking.

In addition, a reduced drinking age would reduce fatalities and injuries. “Lowering MLDA 21 would reduce the number of underage people who are hurt from alcohol-related injuries or accidents due to fear of legal consequences if they sought medical attention,” says Barret Seaman. This is to say that if one did not have to fear the consequences of being intoxicated from ages 18 to 21 then they would seek medical attention. Thus there would be less fatalities and serious injuries.

Furthermore, at the age of 18 you are legally considered an adult and can make all other decisions on your own. According to Annie Chiappetta “Turning 18 entails receiving the rights and responsibilities of adulthood to vote, smoke cigarettes, serve on juries, get married, sign contracts, be prosecuted as adults, and join the military - which includes risking one's life.” To rephrase it 18 is the age of adulthood in the United States. Adults should have the right to make their own decisions about alcohol consumption.

Some might say that lowering the MLDA 21 reduces traffic accidents and fatalities. However, as it was previously stated this is not completely true. Lowering the age would allow people from ages 18 to 21 to feel okay to tell someone that they are too drunk and does not feel okay or safe.

Consequently, lowering the drinking age for a certain group of people under the age of 21 makes sense logically. Also it is a happy medium from keeping the age 21 and lowering it for everybody that is 18. As Senator of Minnesota you should be able to take this into consideration. After you have considered this you should take the necessary steps to make this happen for the people who deserve it.

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