Speegleville Back to School Tech Tips

Everything to help you start the 2013-2014 school year

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Due to the loss of our lab assistant/technical position… here is who to contact for what...

Cindy Denning will take over technical duties and inventory duties. She will also assist with iPads.

Jan Tabor will take the summer days responsibilities – cleaning up and storing at the end of the year and setting up new teachers at the beginning of the year.

Christe Hancock will take lab rotation teaching duties every Friday and may have a reduced or completely deleted Enrichment schedule to make room for this extra load.

Christopher Eberlein and Karen Gillette will take over video announcement technical duties and issues.

Current Recommended Browsers & Midway Logins

Teacher Access Center (TAC) & eSchoolPlus - Use Internet Explorer                Version 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0

Eduphoria - Use Chrome or Firefox

SchoolWires - Use Chrome

  • Use your Midway network login for TAC, Outlook, Eduphoria, Schoolwires and Google (new this year!).
  • Change network password every 90 days. It will automatically change for all programs, except your iPad wifi and iPad email. You will have to update these passwords in your iPad Settings.  Email Amy Davis if you need help.
  • Students have Midway network logins that also provide them with email addresses and Google accounts.
  • Please do not let anyone use the computer or iPad that you are logged into.

Midway Technology SD

  • Every teacher completes 9 hours of technology staff development each year
  • Classes are offered through Midway on all campuses and online  
  • You may also request to get credit for classes taken off campus

Technology Teks

  • Document the Technology Application Teks in Eduphoria:Forethought. They will be at the bottom of each subject area; or you can add it as a class of its own.

Technology Work Orders

  • New location to submit work orders
  • Go to Eduphoria: Help Desk
  • Click the button below for step-by step instructions

Technology Check-out &

New Internet Filter

  • To reserve the computer lab or check out equipment (Flip Cams, Clickers, etc.), use Eduphoria: Facilities and Events.
  • iBoss is the name of the new filter
  • Submit a request within the blocked page to open up any links that you know should work or worked on the previous filter

A few more things....

  • School Webpage - Update your personal Midway webpage before the first day of school
  • Forethought reminder:  Delete your old schedule in Forethought and add a new one. Email Rhonda Yezak if you need help.
  • Substitutes
      Computer Lab
          District policy states that subs cannot take your classes to the computer  
          lab, so please arrange for other plans if you have a sub.

          Discovery Streaming - If the teacher leaves instructions for a Discovery
          Streaming video, the lab assistant may login to the teacher’s computer
          using a lab login.

          iPads may be used if detailed instructions are left for the sub.
          Sub must be informed that they should monitor closely at all times when
          iPads are in us.
  • Apple TV is coming soon.
  • A new AUP was used this year and will make it easier to integrate technology in your classroom. There is no choice on use technology and only one choice on publishing.
  • Edmodo
    There is a Midway subdomain that you need to access if you are going to use it with your students. If you want information on this subdomain, Go to MISD Homepage > Departments > Instructional Technology > Training > How to Instructions for Edmodo Subdomain information.
  • iPad Info to Know

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