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9 Grade
Sawyer Hagar


Shot gun can be helpful as well as harmful. You con go hunting, and mean people have been shot with a shot gun.

They make hunting easy to. you can hit duck easy to. The gun can be drop in the water and it will still shoot. you can also shoot deer with a shot gun, but you need BUCK SHOT.

Shot gun's can kill with bad out comes. People get shot with a shot gun every day. If people would pay more attention, They might not get shot.

The shot gun was first widely used by armies in the 18th century. Is a smoothed bore fire Ames, and the most used is a 12 gauge 870. Shot gun are used for skeet, trap, and sporting clay's, these involve shooting clay desks are know as clay pigeons they are thorn in various ways.

The shot gun is a gun the change HISTORY like for hunting or in the military. The shot gun is a gun for law enforcement

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