hms bully free


i would leave this type of group and hang out with the kids that was geting bullid  bulling is not a nice thing to do and it will hurt kids mintaley and fiscaley so we should stop bulling kids and stand up for them so you could help them in the futher and so they can live in peace and not wory

facebook bullying

the message  that is you are a bully to and sceard of being bully on. some of the things that you can do socially is to tell the bully to stop message these bad things and be nice to the well change the climate of the school other people well have a change  of hart .bullies becouse of meny people are bullyd.

men Education

most of men are in school like collges and other to maybe be a macanic or business man or maybe play sports for a good pay of money like 35,000 a year if you be a teacher at diffrent schools or collges  

female jobs

some jobs are traditional women jobs like watras or docter  or Eney other job. but some are not traditional like working on cars or sports like  baskcitball or football but they can be the best job for them if thats what they do best

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