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Nunavut is a cool place, and I mean cool as in heavy coat underneath another heavy coat, scarf, hat, earmuffs, and snow boots with two pairs of wool socks cool. The terrain is almost completely covered in an icy tundra. That is about 808,200 square miles (1,877,787.62 km) of ice and snow! Nunavut takes up 20% of Canada, and is its biggest province.


There are only 35,591 people that live in Nunavut. That is slightly less than there is in Springfield, MO. 83.6% of the population are Inuit, with a 16.4% minority rate. The capital and biggest city, Iqaluit, has only 6,699 individuals. Iqaluit is still sometimes called Frobisher Bay, its previous name.


The Inuit, since they live in so far north, they fish for food. The most common fish that they catch is the Arctic Char. They hunt seals, and any other food they can eat (that is not endangered). They also mine for diamonds.

Fun Facts:

In Nunavut, there are no paved roads, and no highways. None, notta, zilch! The territory is completely controlled by Inuits- the native people. Here are some short fun facts : The official flower is the purple saxifrage, the official bird is the rock ptarmigan. This next fact is pretty awesome. Nunavut was separated from the North West Territories on April 1, 1999 because of the Nunavut separation act. The word "Nunavut" means Our Land. Surprisingly, there are almost no major cities.