The Great Voyage

A long long time ago, there were a group of goblins that stole from many villages and were said to live on the thumb of God. A clan of warriors promised that they would defeat the goblins and return all the things that were stolen. They begain their journey at the foot of a giant mountain. They started to climb when they encountered golems!!! They had to fight their way through. Soon nightfall rose and they were forced to make camp and sleep. Meanwhile, the goblins stole all of their weapons. The warriors were enraged they went in search and found dwarfs. The dwarfs loaded them with weapons, soon they found the goblins. The goblins flew around with their spears and swords and started nailing the warriors, the leader of the goblins and warriors were fighting each other.The warrior leader pushed the goblin leader into lava.This gave the warriors courage and they started to fight back and they eventually were able to defeat the goblins. The warriors then returned all the villages' goods


One of the goblin escaped the attack and went to wake the dragon...

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