Siberian Tiger

When hunting, the Siberian tiger can make rapid attacks and run faster than 50 miles per hour. Keeping this pace is  extremely energy consuming and the Siberian tiger will only run short distances going this fast. The Siberian tiger have a well developed night vision and prefer to hunt during the night when it can surprise its prey. It will also use its sensitive hearing and sense of smell to locate and strike down on prey. An adult Siberian tiger will need at least 9 kilograms of food each day to survive, siberian tigers prefer to hunt wild boar elk and deer. Siberian tigers live alone and only get together to reproduce and the female will raise the cubs. During the mating period, a male and a female Siberian tiger can hunt together. when the cubs are born it is blind and toothless and no larger than a normal house cat. It will stay blind for roughly two weeks. Siberian tigers  live primarily in eastern Russia's birch forests.

6 Interesting facts about the siberian tiger

1. They are the worlds largest cats


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