In the future I want to be a biologist. To become a biologist I have to study in a university, and then specialize myself in marine biology.

In Spain, there aren't a lot of biologist because there's no money to pay the people who works in the research and they don't appreciate this job.

This job isn't popular in Spain, but I love it. A popular job in Spain is the construction.

When I am older i would like to study science, more specificly   study human sciences.

i know it's really hard and that i will need to study a lot but its my dream to work in a hospital with ill people, i really like helpping people and makeing them feel comfortable:)!!

A few people in Spian work in hospitals not that many tho.

I am not sure if a want to be a nurse or a surgon i guess i will find out when i am a bit older

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