Joanna's Fantastic Rules 4 Online Safety

(5 Online Safety Rules)

Rule 1, Keep Your Identity A Secret

  • Never give out personal info like your address ,or your phone number or even the name of your school. On a game website don't put your real name ,put something totally different.

Rule 2, Be extra careful with stranger.

  • Don't trust online friends. All you really know about them is whats online, who knows they might be and old creepy man. Letting your parents know about your online friends is a good idea.

Rule 3, Tell someone you trust

  • If anyone makes you feel bad or uncomfortable, tell your parents or another adult you trust, you can block those people or report them.

Rule 4, Protect your passwords

  • Keep your passwords in a safe place, don't tell them to anyone not even your best friend needs to know your passwords.

Rule 5, Be kind

  • It can be up to you to make the internet a better place, be nice to people and respect their ideas and beilefes. So be nice because people can report you and you can be kick off of that website.

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