climate region

The weather here is usually hot with the tempters of 135 degrees for the high in summer and a low of 55 degrees in the winter. The sky's are always a pinkish,reddish,orangeish color because its always so hot. This weather effects the people because its to hot for people to go outside and do things, so the best time people go out are at the evenings/nights and mornings. At night the sky's are a blue and gray color so people can enjoy the night with out it being to dark. The weather drops a dramatic 70 degrees once evening comes around.

The food

The food here is known to be one of the most fanciest foods in the world. Every  time some one makes food it must be a very elegant fancy dish no matter what occasion its for there food must be fancy, its also one of their  laws. Their are very well known for growing fruits, and spices. They grow  fruits such as mango's,pineapples, strawberry's, lungus, crees,bunds,blue coos, raspberry's and more. For spices they grow herbs,chibbs,peppermint,cil,lins,chives,ungos,and more. they eat a lot of fruits because their culture believes that if you eat healthy you will have good luck and a good life according to one of their gods, the god of  health.The people their just love spices on their food it just one of those big things they do over there instead of putting ranch,ketchup,mayo,or mustard they use spices and make sauces out of them for some types of foods.

  their shelters

bongloriea has 2 types of homes a rock home and a brick home. They have a city and a country, in the city their homes are made out of bricks. In the country their homes are made out of rocks/stones, that's  just their thing to show there homes from the city to the country. There homes are old in bongloria, it has been around since the 1800s.  The country homes are the older ones and the new ones the brick homes are newer from the  1950s.


in Bongloria there most popular sport is Gona. Gona is a sport that combines lacrosse and tennis they have  a tennis ball and some what of a lacrosse stick just wider and a little bigger. its the same rules almost as lacrosse. What they do is have a team of 14 people and they try to get in a goal but the goal looks like a cicle net and they have to throw it in the circle net that's like 25 feet tall. Its a very hard core game and a lot of people get hurt easily but its what the people in bongloriea likes to see.

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