Starting With E-Cigs

The most hassle-free and cost-effective set-up

It makes sense to purchase your start-up kit from one online vendor. It's easier of course, and you'll only be paying one lot of postage. There are some good online vendors, but one of the best - and just about the only one that offers both great-quality juice and the components you need is VapeEscape.

Intro-Vision Kit

(Basic complete e-cigarette with charger for £17.99)

&Grizwald's Gourmet Range > Pick 'n' Mix

(Sample-size bottles of juice in various flavours. Five for £12.99)

That's all you need to start.

The battery charge should last all day and usually are good for at least six months before they need replacing. The Clearomizer part (the bit you fill with liquid) should be re-filled when the juice level gets low. These can last at least a week or two, sometimes longer. They're the disposable part so it's best to buy a few more once you know you're happy. These are the clearomizers on their own:

Buy the LR type at £4.99 each.

Tips and info
* There's a video on how to fill the Clearomizers on the same webpage as the Vision v2. (Don't over-fill and be careful not to get the liquid down the centre hole)

* The first time you fill the Clearomizer, let it stand for five or ten minutes before you use it

* The knack to getting the best out of these is to make sure the wick is kept very wet with juice.

* Between draws, keep the mouthpiece pointing down so the liquid runs and soaks the wick where it goes into the heating coil section at the top.

* Make sure that the mouthpiece part is screwed onto the top properly (it can cross-thread easily) and fairly tight. Don't screw the whole Clearomizer too firmly to the battery though.

* It's best to use a different Clearomizer for each flavour.

* If you do get liquid in the mouthpiece (it happens sometimes) screw a piece of kitchen roll into a point, and twist it into the mouthpiece to soak up the excess.

* Of those Grizwald juices, we liked: Black Jack, Obalicious, Joocy Fruit, Banoffee Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream, and especially Cocomel and Krazy Karamel.

* The tobacco flavours don't taste like a real cigarette. Most people end up being disappointed with them. The types with other flavours mixed with tobacco can be ok though. Grizwald's Black Cat is good and has liquorice and other flavours blended in.

* It's best to have at least two batteries. Either as a spare if you're out and about, or to have two e-cigs on the go at once. It's nice to have a couple of flavours and chop and change.

* The kits that look like real cigarettes don't perform nearly as well as the kit I've suggested here. The batteries don't hold much charge and the vapour isn't nearly as satisfying or as tasty. Most people like the idea of these 'cig-alikes' at first, but most end up going back to real fags. That or move up to a kit like this. The prefilled cartridges can end up costing as much as cigarettes too.

* There are similar kits and the individual parts are offered by plenty of vendors online at sometimes cheaper prices. However, many are of varying quality. The cartomizers especially can be very dodgy, even if they look identical. The stuff at VapeEscape is always good quality and from established manufacturers. Other reliable sites to check out for e-cig parts and accessories are:

* The quality of juice varies a lot, and some may love ones that others hate. The following links have a great choice that most seasoned vapers happily recommend: