Egyptian Mountains and Deserts

These are the Zagros Mountains

There are 3 different mountain ranges; the Taurus, Zagros, and Lebanon. The ones shown above are the Zagros Mountains. The mountains provided shelter and protection for the Egyptians. Also, when there are mountains, there are rivers so they had more water. The mountains also gave protection. They could be enclosed by the mountains with no one wanting to cross over or around them therefore giving them protection.


There were 5 different deserts that served for the ancient Egyptians. There was the; Arabian Desert, Negev Desert, Libyan Desert, Syrian Desert, and the Nubian Desert. The deserts helped the Egyptians a lot. It gave them protection. being surrounded by desert nobody wanted to cross it because, back in their time that was very dangerous and hard. The deserts could also be used for some of their farming. The deserts near the Tigris and Euphrates river were flooded every year so it became good farming grounds.  

By: Erin and Makenzie