Similarity and Transformations

Some figures are closer than you think.

Chapter 2, Lesson 3

Chapter 2, lesson 3 is about similarity and tranformations.  In order to complete the process of similarity the steps would have to be followed in order. To enlarge the image by the scale factor such as this example: The scale factor is 2 and you want to enlarge an image that is 4in. by 6in. so the equation would be 2in.x2=4in. and 3in.x2=6in which equalls 4in.x1.5=6 and 6in.x1.5=9in. which equals the final image which is 6in. by 9in. That is is an example of similarity.

Th next and final part of this unit is transformations and to complete the process of transformation you would take the figure and follow its directions such as move two units up and three units left.  You would take the figure and move it two units(squares) up and then you would move it three units up and then you have your new figure.

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