My Hero
              LEO  Mcconnell

"My Hero" Computer Science Project Website
Crossroads Accelerated Academy at Meade
(School District of Philadelphia)
1601 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121

                  BY : Chya pena

My Hero is my Uncle Leo because out of man in my life he's the only one who ever stayed around. He could of up and left when he came home from the Army but he didn't he stood around and helped my mom out with me and my sister after His Father and brother past away all he has left is me my sister and my mom my grandma was around to 2012 than she had past away I thought he really was gonna leave us and move on with his life but he didn't . I wanna thank him for never giving up on us and not walking away . My Uncle is the best uncle when I wanna talk  he'll listen and we will sit there and talk for hours of how are days went and how we miss our lady . One of the greatest gifts I got in life was my the man I call My Uncle LeO because he played the role that my father didn't .

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