The most unmanly cockroach hunt featuring underwear, squealing and a crisp tube

The age-long saga of man versus cockroach continues, as new factors are at play. New research shows that a cockroach cannot stand the sight of a man in his underwear. The same research also suggests that perhaps the pitch of your screams have no relation to the efficiency of your cockroach hunt.

You might, however, find salvation in the form of a crisp tube, or, you know, your girlfriend.

Questions arise, such as - do the UK news really have nothing better to share with the world? Other questions make us wonder if it's right to make fun of someone's weakness, even if they are in their underwear.

Oh well, it seems like that's what the Internet is about. So no regrets!

Brought to you by: Cockroach Exterminators Richmond

He is right about that.

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