Westlake High School

Westlake High School

Westlake High School breeds success. It is in the west Austin area, located on Westbank drive. Not only does it have a library in the school, but within walking distance it has the Westbank Library. This library is were students go to socialize and work on schoolwork after class. The atmosphere in Westlake is very welcoming and warm. We like to be open to all walks of life, and all backgrounds.

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Generation Kill

This is Generation Kill. It is a terrific read, depicting the Marine First Recon's escapades across the harsh Iraqi scrub land in 2003. This is a true story, the author being a reporter who was embedded with the marines during the invasion. It's graphic and violent, but it dives head first into post-combat mental disorders such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD for short). Generation Kill was also made into an HBO miniseries starring people like Alexander SkarsgÄrd, and James Ransone. Below is a poster of the series.

Poster for Generation Kill
Calvin and Hobbes, 1995

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