The Financial Fitness Gym

Brought to you by The FEEL Center Project LLC

Why We Started This Company

The Financial Fitness Gym brought to you by The FEEL Center Project LLC was created because individual are looking for solutions to so many concerns; all that's being offered are short term fixes. 60% of the population or 190 million individual in this country are struggling due to data. Do you know how many business transaction you conduct from sun up to sun set? The number is alarming! This is data that is being shared; the more you know about your data the better you are at addressing them.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart is you. We build confidence, trust; we provide the knowledge you need to address your financial concerns. Knowledge is power, I strongly believe this to be true. We are leaving to much to chance; relying on government, employers to resolve issues they are unfit to address. Our competition is about offering you short term fixes; addressing there own needs while leaving you with unanswered question and unresolved issues. We create a light bulb moment; what a beautiful thing.

Our Keys To Success

The Financial Fitness Gym brought to you by The FEEL Center Project LLC keys to success are as followed. The FEEL Center Project LLC is a combination of four elements I found to be essential to creating, maintaining, protecting and securing ones financial well-being. 1)  Finances; you must have great relationship with your money! 2)  Education; information is power! 3)  Employment; should be an opportunity, not be a chore! 4)  Legal; proper representation should you need it!

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