7 things

My favorite car is a Chevrolet camaro the 2015 model its roof folds down like a convertible.The car in the picture is the same model as bumble bee the transformers.There are fifteen models are camaros.

My second favorite car is a dodge challenger .It is american mussel car that  has over twenty four models.i like the doge challenger because u get to pick what type of seats you want.

In the summer my family go on bike rides from Havelock to black bridge or from black bridge to Clive.

When i was little i use to collect a brand of teddy’s . I gave some of them away i kept my favorites

I love drawing cars also my favorite type of cars are american muscle cars-i didn't draw that.

I love computers you can do anything with them.my favorite brand of computers would probably be  Samsung and apple.

Me and my family love the bmx track in the summer go their every weekend in the summer . i got a new bike for my birthday i still haven't tested it on the bmx track.

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