Tomorrow: Bike to Work DAY!

OK - I've sent email about Bike to Work Month...and tomorrow is Bike to Work Day! Will you join me?  The plan:

Thursday weather:  Morning 64, Afternoon 97 (Bring water)

Meet at Folsom Bike on Auburn Folsom Blvd. at 6:00 am.  We will take this route (click here) to work. It takes about an hour, with a stop off at Peet's Coffee & Tea, to get you to WJU by 7-7:15. You'll have plenty of time to get all spruced up before work, relax, and drink that cup of coffee.

I plan to leave Jessup at 4:00. On the way home, we will take this route (click here) to avoid some of the afternoon traffic. This is a lovely way back via Miner's Ravine. (See photos below taken on one of my commutes! Beautiful!)  

Will you join me?  Pretty please? Email Pam Jimison. (P.S. If anyone wants to start with me in El Dorado Hills, let me know!)