Book & Exhibition
by Ronnie C. Wright

A Global Event

mantra/man.tra/definition using letters of the word as building blocks for the process
  1. 'monochrome art nurtured to reach audiences' in black and white. displaying images in monochrome - 'moving audiences naturally through relevant art.'
coined and invented by Ronnie C. Wright
  1. “I seek to [see] > spiritual evidence everyday extending [width] > word image design through habits to share with others as 'word image design through history. Further, I seek to appreciate the [now ] > natural open window linked to the new opportunity waiting to be revealed. In one word - it's about [art] > activating relevant thought. My work is summed up in two words - [results] > realizing every snap ultimately leads to success - and, [action] > actively choosing to improve options now." –
  2. - Ronnie C. Wright

I hope the work inspires us to embrace our opportunity to [(a)ct] > activating critical thinking, [(b)e] > breathe easy & [(c)are] > create a rewarding environment.

With [abc] > awareness, balance & conditioning we find [air] > artistic inner relationships that extends love, peace, hope, joy & integrity.

I named the first photograph in the book and exhibit "AIR" with sincere hope, it moves each of us to look [up] - unleashing purpose with unlimited power.

“I define “MANTRA” with the letters in the word itself – Moving Audiences Naturally Through Relevant Art,” – Ronnie C. Wright

Ronnie C. Wright’s upcoming book “Mantra,” features images taken with his Leica M Monochrom. “Photographs are silent [films] or in other words – ‘featured images linking multiple stories in different languages. A good story is a good story regardless of the language. My stories are digital stories because it’s a very relevant language. The first time I created stories with Leica, I fell in love. At that moment, I committed myself to [you] > your own uniqueness. A book is the ultimate silent movie and, I enjoy making them. MANTRA is my mantra - moving audiences naturally through art,” – Ronnie C. Wright “I seek to exhibit the beautiful black and white photography with things as primary as [abc] > artistic attitude+brilliant lighting+creative composition.”

AIR by Ronnie C. Wright

Art Photographer Ronnie C. Wright poses with giant Leica Camera

A Self Monochrome by Ronnie C. Wright