This is the 2014 population of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria

This graph shows the expected growth in population in the next 35 years for Turkey, Iraq, and Syria

Due to Iraq's predicted increase off population they will need water for agriculture to feed all those people and water to give to their people
I think that with Iraq's sharp increase of predicted population around 2030 and large rise before that it will need much more water than it has

Iraq's most pressing water needs as this graph clearly shows is agricultural because more than 9/10 of the water is used on agriculture

This graph shows the renewable water sources compared to the water withdrawal for Iraq.

This graph shows the internal and external water sources for Iraq.

This data shows that Iraq has enough and even more water than it needs so we don't have to give Iraq more water than it already has.

Iraq's most pressing water needs, as is clearly demonstrated by the graph above, is agriculture so Iraq's main concern for the usage of their water should be on agriculture.

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