My School In Miniature

3D Printed Model

I designed a model of my school to give as a gift to a teacher who is leaving the school. Each of the pieces is 100x100 millimeters, and some pieces are black while others are yellow or gold. Gold and black are my school colors. There are four segments to my version of the school. I left out some rooms but I included the main ones. The rooms included are the entrance hall(top), front desks(above), the art room, and the library. I added as much detail as I could without jamming the printer. I faced many challenges while making this. I originally made a smaller version, but then I took some measurements and reprinted it in a bigger size. Then, the printer ran out of yellow filament so I switched to gold. I only barely finished, with the last piece printing the morning of the showcase. I think that it looks really cool.

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