Josue Rabanales

The Moon's Importance
Miss Thayer
7th hour

The moon is very important due to it being the earths natural satellite. The moon causes the earth's tides. The moon has different phases there are eight and they determine the time. The eclipse's are also caused by the moon and the positions of the sun, earth, and moon. There are two types of eclipse's lunar and solar.

We have phases and the phases are the position of the moon and how we see it from earth. We have phases due to the moon revolving around earth. The phases don't really affect us here on earth.

Tides are a major thing on earth tides are happen every day. Tides have two low and two high tides each day. Tides are normal or there are spring tides or neap tides. Tides don't really affect us here unless you are a fisher man or work in the waters.

The eclipse's are based off of the alignment of the sun, earth, and moon and the moon phase. Eclipse's occur due to the position of the sun, earth, and moon. The types of eclipse's are solar and lunar there are partial, total, penumbral, and umbral eclipse's. They affect earth due to them being a magnificent sight.

The moon is important to us due to it being the earths satellite life would be all dark on one side of the earth and all of the other side light. The moon is important due to it determining time, the tides, and the eclipse's.

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