Mini Lesson

A Lesson in Rhyming

1. Essential question

  • What is a Rhyming Scheme?
  • How does it work in a poem?

2. Objectives

  • Students will identify rhyming scheme in a poem

3. Mini-lesson activities

  • Students are all sitting in a circle as I read aloud "Recipe for a Hippopotamus Sandwich"
  • I will put the poem up on the document camera and underline each part of the rhyming scheme at the end of each poem line of the first stanza.
  • Students will be broken up into groups of four to five students and find rhyming words in the poem.
  • Students will each be given a stanza of the poem and told to identify the rhyming scheme

4. Materials

  • Markers for each group
  • A copy of the Poem "Recipe for a Hippopotamus Sandwich" for each group.


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