Christopher Shawn Vaughn Raised Surgical Procedures By More Than 71% In Florida

Christopher Shawn Vaughn is a dedicated, veteran medical device professional based in Florida. He holds more than 12 years of experience in this field, and has earned success in market share growth, new business development, and account management. Mr. Vaughn has in-depth knowledge about various fields of business, and has developed a plethora of effective techniques and strategies that can help a business achieve its objectives. Presently, he seeks a respectable position in Sales, where he can significantly implement his acquired skills, and abilities.

Christopher Shawn Vaughn is currently appointed as the Sales & Marketing Director at Mesos Plastic Surgery & Laser Center located in The Villages, Florida. His areas of expertise include competitive analysis, asset allocations, finance/investment, medical terminology, brand awareness, market share growth, client consulting, clinic/hospital operations, networking/referrals, doctor/surgeon relations, succession planning, stakeholder relations, excellent customer service, marketing/presentations, strategic negotiation, new product launch, client relations/ retention, and sales/account management.

Mr. Vaughn has worked with many well established companies, including SunTrust Investments, Wachovia Sec., and Wachovia Bank, N.A., etc. While working with these organizations, he helped them achieve their key objectives and earn a reputation in the market. Listed below is the list of his key accomplishments:

  • While serving Wachovia, he was conferred with the Award for Excellence that is given to top 5%.
  • SunTrust attained a rank in the listed of the top 100 clubs, when Mr. Vaughn achieved 223% of annual review goal.
  • Serving as the Sales and Marketing Director, Christopher Shawn Vaughn set many landmarks while serving Mesos Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Florida. These include:
  • Raised surgical procedures by above 71% and non invasive procedures by 228%.
  • Amplified net profit by 155%
  • Generated an increase in cosmetic surgery patient base by using CRM/CEM strategies and enforcing Inform and Enhance software to discover sales gaps.

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