Poetry Collection 4

Deven Johnson Mrs. Dixon

Word : Crystal

Definition: Made of clear, brilliant glass

Sentence : When i seen the crystal i was so suprised that it was so big.

Word: Sinewy

Definition :Tough and strong

Sentence : The man's neck was hard and you could see his veins it was sinewy.

Word : Brawny

Definition : strong and muscular

Sentence : I just got some brawny paper towels from the store

Word: Parson

Definition: Minister

Sentence The Parson at my church had a comb over and was short and stalky.

Word : Wrought

Definition : Shaped by hammer

Sentence : The sword was wrought and hard and sharpe.

Word : haunches

Definition : Upper legs or hip of an animal

Sentence : The horse had really big haunches.

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