Ocean Acidification

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Ocean acidification is occurring because too much carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere.  Due to fossil fuel emissions, that are released out of most cars, airplanes, factories that burn coal, oil, or gas, as well as power plants. All of these are created by human production. Carbon dioxide is nothing new, and its presence in moderate quantities is not a concern; but due to our consumerist society we are having trouble decreasing the amount of fossil fuels we release into the air.  The rate at which we are pumping it into our atmosphere is a concern. The emissions that are in the air are absorbed by the ocean. Altering the oceans pH level to be more acidic. Ocean acidification is very harmful because as CO2 forms carbonic acid when dissolved in water, which eats away existing calcium-based materials.  

Many shell building organisms and coral reefs are dying out at a rapid rate due to the high levels of CO2 in the ocean. Many of these creatures that must build their own shells are having to spend so much time and work so hard to build the shells that their ancestors were able to create relatively quickly, that they don't have time to collect food, leading to their death. The oceans populations are used to a constant pH and temperature of the water. Now that their has been such a rapid change the oceans living organisms are not given enough time to adapt.

This is our fault. Our selfish society is consuming so much and releasing so many harmful chemicals into the air, and even though we cant directly see all the harm we are causing it is still evident. Do you think our society as a whole is not as concerned as it should be with ocean acidification because it is not widely talked about, or because we cannot see the direct affect by looking out the window? How can we change this?

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