Treat Trip with Cole Allen Henderson

I'm taking Cole Allen Henderson on a vacation with me, and this is what we are going to do.

We're taking this speed machine to Springfield, Missouri from Wichita, Kansas.

First Day

We leave from Wichita, KS, after eating Chipotle. We bought enough Chipotle for the entire trip there, but not back. We drive all day and sleep on the side of the road.

Second Day

Drive from where we slept, and finally arrive in Springfield, Missouri. We build a ramp and ramp over the entire city. The mayor gives us a lifetime ban from the city for this. We drive back to Wichita after buying more Chipotle

Final Day (Day 3)

Drive back to Wichita after buying all of the Chipotle we could. On the drive home, Cole Allen Henderson accidentally jumps out of our car while I was driving at 90 MPH. R.I.P. Cole Allen Henderson.

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