Conference Volleyball Tournament!

By: Alexis Seitz

On October 11, 2016, the first night of the Twin Lakes conference tournament began at Laurens-Marathon High School. The Pocahontas Area Laurens-Marathon volleyball girls beat all three teams they faced launching them into a very successful first night. Jocelyn Johnson and Grace Meyer both got 6 kills in their match against Storm Lake St. Mary’s coming out on top for the night. Payton Hjerleid got 17 assists the match against St. Mary’s followed by 16 against Manson-NW Webster and 15 against West Bend Mallard. Elle Ruffridge got 14 digs in the game against Manson-NW Webster. Both Johnson and Faith Meyer got one block in the match against West Bend-Mallard. Grace Meyer lead the team on October 11 with 15 successful serves against St. Mary’s giving her 100% serve success! Kenzie Sullivan followed close behind Meyer with 10 successful serves against West Bend-Mallard receiving 100% serve success as well! The PAC-LM volleyball girls left the first night of the conference tournament feeling like they were on top of the world and excited for what would come next.

On October 13, 2016, the second day of the Twin Lakes Conference tournament began at the Laurens-Marathon High School. The PAC-LM Volleyball girls won all three matches once again and came out as the conference champs! Jocelyn Johnson lead the team with 10 kills against Alta/Aurelia, Jill Vonnahme came in close behind with 6 kills against GTRA. Payton Hjerleid completed 29 assists in the game against Alta/Aurelia. Elle Ruffridge was able to get 11 digs in the game against Alta/Aurelia followed by 10 digs against South Central Calhoun and 6 against GTRA. Both Hjerleid and Faith Meyer were able to get 2 blocks against Alta/Aurelia. Ruffridge lead the night with 16 successful serves against GTRA giving her 100% serve success! Kenzie Sullivan followed close behind with 9 successful serves against SCC! The PAC-LM Volleyball girls left the night very proud along with all the Indian supporters! The girls are very excited and prepared to move on to start regionals on October 19, 2016, at Lake View. The girls hope everyone can come out to support them.