Roof Leakage? Learn How To Get Things Under Control Till The Experts Arrive

So you come home to discover that the recent storm has finally taken its toll on your home. The roof that used to act as its protective shield against the weather and the elements has finally been breached, and now there is a gaping hole that is letting all the wind, dust and rain water into your home. And the worst part is that the leak is getting bigger and bigger as the unrelenting weather conditions chew it away bit by bit.

What do you do in such a situation? How do you get your home back in shape again? How do you prevent the damage from getting worse than what it already is? Is there anyone who can help you out?

Of course there is!

First things first, calm down and take a deep breath. Next, get to your phone right away and call in the best roofing contractors in your locality that provide emergency services. The reason why I am asking you to go for the emergency experts? They will respond to your call the quickest and will take charge of the situation before the whole thing goes beyond control.

Now, after you have made that important call to professional roofing contractors, next take a few steps to bring the damage under control.

  • Control the spread of the water seeping in. If not kept in check, this water can damage the internal structure of your house, not to mention soil your furniture and belongings.
  • Remove all valuables and assets from the room with the leaky roof and bring in any vessels and containers that can catch the water that is now slowly dripping into your house.
  • Keep an eye on these vessels and empty them before they overflow.
  • Mop up any puddles of stagnant water that may have formed with the water that has already made its way into your house. This will prevent further damage.
  • If it is safe to go outside, get a ladder and try to inspect your roof from the top. If any water has been collected, you would do better to remove it immediately.
  • If you have any emergency roofing supplies and tools stashed away in your house, now would be a good time to bring them out.

After you have managed all of the above, you will have to wait for the roofing contractors and repairprofessionals to arrive at the site. Once they are present at the scene, full cooperation on your part should be given to them so that they can fix the problem effectively without too much hassle being created for you. They will bring in a team of expert roofers who will first inspect the source of the leak, the damage that the structure has sustained and the any other factors affecting the overall situation. Then, they will come up with the best solution to fix the problem, which may include a patch or even an outright replacement. But their judgment is something that you should trust, given their expertise and experience. Your leaky roof will be repaired in no time at all!

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About The Author

Chris Schmider is associated with Wm. Prescott Roofing & Remodeling, Inc., a commercial roofing company in Pittsburgh, and has a wide experience in the roofing industry. He shares his experiences and knowledge about the how trends are going in the new roofing systems via his articles and blogs.