Come to the Trenches!

A Perfect Place for Lice

Fellow lice! Come to the trenches where the French humans await you! There are so many benefits on going to the trenches for you! Here are some:

1. The trenches are warm and humid from the humans' body heat, allowing you and your family to thrive.

2. You can easily spread your eggs to many of the humans because they live close together, allowing you to produce as many eggs as you would like.

3. The French humans have the richest and tastiest blood to feed on. It will be life Thanksgiving dinner every night!

4. The French wear long and heavy uniforms that are perfect for hiding in, so no one would even know you were there! You will live perfectly safe.

5. Even if the French was their clothing attempting to get rid of lice, they cannot dry their clothing immediately. This gives you, as lice, plenty of time to re-infect the clothing and make it back to the body and survive on a host.

So come on down to the trenches where there is enough space and hosts for all lice to live. A happy life awaits you and your lice family!

Come to the Trenches!

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