Salve! Circumspecta!

We hope you can join us!!!!

Aquae Sulis habet pulcherrima fons et calidum aquam.

Bath, England

Aquae Sulis est in Bath, England.

Celta invenit Aquae Sulis.

Schedule of Your Day (Friday)

7:00 am- Arrive in Bath, England, and check in to the hotel.

8:00 am- Aquae Sulis opens

8:00-8:15- CHANGE and store your clothing in the Apodyterium.

8:15-9:15- Get some EXERCISE! Go to the Palaestra and get oiled up for your Aquae Sulis experience!

9:15-10:00- Take a POLAR PLUNGE in the Frigidarium...

10:00-10:45- Then RECOVER your body in the Tepidarium (warm room)

10:45-12:00- RELAX in the Caldarium (steamy hot room) where one of our trained servants will scrape the oil of your body with a scrigil!


Recieve a complimentary scrigil with your visit!

Fons est sacram deae Sulis Minerva

People not only went to the baths for relaxation, but it was believed to cure certain illnesses, like rheumatism, arthritis and leprosy.

Aedificaverunt templum prope Aquae Sulis.

Sculpture in front of the Temple of Sulis Minerva

They believed that a spiritual favor was in part with the healing powers of the water.

Great Bath est magnum

Saturday Special Events

Today features...
A special brunch at 7:30! Come dine with us! We will provide wine, grapes, and other delicacies!

7:30- BRUNCH
8:00 am- Aquae Sulis Opens

8:30-9:30- Exercise out in the Palaestra, throw some discuses and lift weights!
**for an extra 5 denarii, you can have a personal trainer!!**

10:00-12:00- Visit any of the baths you like!

12:30-1:30- Lunch on the green, entertainment provided.

1:30-3:00- Worship the gods at the temple! Don't forget to thank them for these wonderful baths!

3:00-4:00- Return to hotel and relax

4:00-6:00- Take another dip in our natural baths.

6:00-7:00- Dinner served at your hotel

We hope you enjoy your stay at Aquae Sulis!

Populus coluerunt Sul-Minerva.
The Romans named "Aquae Sulis" after Sul-Minerva. It means "Waters of Sul"

Goddess Sul Minerva

The waters were heated by the hypocaust.

Hic est hypocaust.

Hydraulic engineers planned and designed the baths, they were recruited from the army.

Miles faciunt Aquae Sulis.

Multus Aqua!

Over one million liters of water are circulated every day!

Final Day at Aquae Sulis: Sunday

It's your last day, so we want to make your trip extra special!

8:00 am- Arrive at Aquae Sulis

8:15-9:15- Breakfast with the owner of the baths. (Ft. Wine, bread,)

9:15-10:00- Personalized tour of the Great Bath

10:00-11:00- Last hour to relax at Aquae Sulis

Before you leave, stop by one of the souvenir shops and take a look at our new monogrammed scrigils! Bring them for your next visit!