Week 4: Overcoming the Odds

1) Post Test

Retake 1st questions from yesterday. The rest of the test should be finished as well.

Monday, June 29 & Tuesday, June 30th
TODAY I Am reviewing my work SO THAT I CAN make certain that I have submitted my BEST work possible. I'LL KNOW THAT I GOT IT WHEN my classwork average is above a 70%

2) Reading Plus

Complete 2 SeeReader assignments & record your scores on page 6 of Interactive Notebook.

3) Passion Project Wrap Up

  • Should be completed:
  1. About Me
  2. Character Traits
  3. Passion Project
  • Introduction blurb
  • Inquiry questions with paragraph answer that has the research and your words in them
  • Citations in ABC order

4. Weekly Blog with 3 story responses

4) Study Island Practice

Trying to raise your class grade? Finished your project to its completion? Practice the post test topics until you master the topic with an 80% or higher after taking 10 practice questions/topic. I will swap a lower graded assessment if you score well in Study Island practice.