What Forces Motivate the Characters?

By Asim Iqbal

Oedipus relates to the question because there were many parts of the story where forces such as other people were motivating the characters to do certain actions. In Scars the forces of the divorce cause the father to be an alcoholic.

Media #1

law abiding citizen.

In the movie "law abiding citizen" the main character's family is murdered yet the person who did it is still free, this motivates the character to then get revenge on the murderer and other people who didn't help him catch the real person.

Media #2

i am legend

In the movie "I Am Legend" the main character sacrifices his own life to save others. He kills himself in the end when he is surrounded by monsters to not only kill them in the explosion blast but to also save other people.

Media #3

In the song When I'm Gone by Eminem, he is trying to show that he is afraid of losing his daughter Hailie, and he shows how much he loves her and how he always thinks of his fans and family.

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