Challenger Shuttle Missions

Space Project ~ Mrs.Mahalik ~ March 27 2014

The Challenger Space Shuttle

The Challenger Space Shuttle

  • First called STA-099. It was built to serve as a test vehicle.
  • Challenger launched on it’s maiden voyage, STS-6, on April 4, 1983. It saw the first spacewalk of the Space Shuttle program, as well as the deployment of the first satellite.
  • Challenger's view of outer space:
  • The orbiter launched the first American woman, Sally Ride, into space on mission STS-7. It was the first to carry two U.S. female astronauts on mission STS 41-G.
  • First orbiter to land at JFK Space Center.
  • Did the first German-dedicated space lab.
  • Many scientific experiments and satellite deployments were done during the Challenger’s time.
  • Challenger's first landing after maiden voyage:
Challenger's First Crew Members
Challenger In The Making
A Successful Lift Off
One Of The Better Lift Offs

Challenger's 10th and Final Mission

  • The Challenger was only airborne for 73 seconds.
  • It exploded because the 2 rubber O rings, which were designed to separate the sections of the rocket booster. They didn’t work because of the mornings cold weather.
  • The day of the accident: This video is part of the live TV Broadcast.
  • It killed all 7 members of the crew which included a teacher that was going along to study. Their families were very devastated.
  • The ship was destroyed.
  • Mission was called STS 51-L
  • January 28 1986.
The Challenger's Final Crew Members
Milliseconds Before The Accident
The Memorial For The Crew After The Accident


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