What is the best bail bonds company in Raleigh, NC?

Getting arrested is no fun! I know this for a fact because I was arrested for DUI while visiting Raleigh, NC in December of 2016. I was leaving a BBQ and was pulled over by local police while driving on McDowell St.

The scene was all too familiar. I was asked if I had been drinking, to which I replied "no". The police officer didn't believe me so I was asked to perform a serious of tasks known as a field sobriety test. If you can't tell, I failed the test.

This brings us to the point of this article. My wife called numerous bail bond companies in Raliegh throughout this ordeal. Some were nice, some were rude, but one bondsman was great. This is a review of local bondsman in Raleigh and my experience with them.

Which bail bonds company did we call?

The first company we called was Amistad Bail Bonds. They were very busy and didn't seem too interested in what was going on. I later learned that they are a very company and rely on a churn and burn strategy. We called them first because they showed up at the top of a Google search. Ultimately, Amistad Bail Bonds was not a good fit.

The second company we called was Bail Bonds of Raleigh located at 406 S. McDowell St. #400 . These guys were excellent but ultimately too expensive. They wanted 10% down which is the going rate for a bail bond but it was too much for us to pay.

Enter JJ Bail Bonds of Raleigh

JJ Bail Bonds were the 3rd and final Raleigh Bail Bondsman that we called.They were super professional and only required 4% down to complete the bail process. I'm thinking the owner is ex-military because he was very respectful to my wife and offered to pick me up from the Wake County Detention Center upon my release.

I couldn't have asked for better bail bonds experience (aside from not needing a bail bond).

After I was released I vowed to let everyone know of my experience with JJ Bail Bonds so that they could also use them in their time of need.

A photo from a Raleigh Bail Bonds company.

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