Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine – The Energy Meridians

One of the most amazing aspects about the ancient Chinese culture is their understanding of the human body. The people of China have a unique way of following the biology that governs human processes and have an ever more exceptional means of treating any disruptions with it. Ancient Chinese medicine believed in the flow of energy through different parts of the body. By regulating this ongoing channel, the healers tried to enhance and augment the natural healing processes that we all have present in our bodies, allowing us to reach the healthy state of living that we want to achieve.

In this article, we will look closely at what the Chinese medicine believed about these energy meridians and how they were utilised by healers to provide better health conditions to patients.

The Concept Of Jingluos

Jingluos are the energy pathways that run inside our body in a longitudinal direction. The word “Jingluos” stems from ‘Jing’ which means meridians and ‘Luos’ which are networks. Together, these two work to allow energy to flow freely from one part of the body to another. Each of these meridians is connected to a particular part or organ of the human body and is known to represent one or the other aspect of the cosmic pair – Yin or Yang. This is why the names of each of these meridians is extremely important as it allows the healer to understand the true nature of the energy that flows through it and the best way to cure any ailments that is being suffered by the organ associated with it.

There are twelve main meridians or Jings named in Chinese medicine. These are directly associated with a vital organ of the body without which the human biological system cannot function. These organs are the heart, pericardium, lungs, stomach, spleen, kidneys, liver, large intestine, small intestine, bladder, gall bladder, and SanJiao. In Chinese medicine, Sanjiao is the container for all the organs. By treating these energy meridians, this form of treatment aims to cure any diseases or conditions that are affecting the particular organ associated with it.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine seek to chart and map the flow of energy through these meridians with the aim to understanding what is actually wrong with a patient’s body and finding the best way to heal the damage. Each meridian has two hours of the most active time every day (only the 12 main ones). The hours are listed in the chart for each meridian. Healers, over the centuries, have concluded that these meridians are best treated when there is the most active energy flow coursing through them. This is why a thorough understanding of these charts and time tables is essential for a treatment to be effective. However, following these energy charts to the letter might not be always practical. If you are with an experienced healer, you can be assured of getting the best possible treatment in accordance with your time constraints.

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