Peter Stuyvesant

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Peter Stuyvesant was imporant part of american history. He traveled to the New World and arrived in New Amsterdam in May 1647.He became unpopular with the leading burghers who were alienated by his violence. after three years of being in the new Amsterdam (which later became New York) he came to an agreement with the commissioners that between New Netherland and Connecticut that involved the sacrifice of new land. Then four years later he over threw swedish authority in the region. In March 1664 King Charles II of England he gave to his brother,the Duke of York the territory between the Connecticut river and Delaware Bay, sent out 4 ships and 300-400 men to take possesion.The burghers refused to support Stuyvesant who was forced to surrender the town and fort on the 8th of September. Peter went return to holland after losing his colony. Peter then went back to New York and again after the treaty Breda in 1667.Peter Stuyvesant died in February 1672 and was buried in a small chapel on the site of St Mark's Church.

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