Mormonism was a new religion in the early 1800s. The Mormon community migrated to Ohio and were very successful but later were pushed to Utah and the community grew with immigration from Europe and migration west. One reason that the religion became popular because it wanted women to participate and even pray aloud during services, which led to the reform movement of women's rights, also it agreed with the temperance movement in that alcohol and tobacco were not right.

"Although Mormon military action was generally initiated in response to reports of violence, the Mormons tended to overreact and in some instances retaliated against innocent citizens. Their perception of themselves as the chosen people, their absolute confidence in their leaders, and their determination not to be driven out led Mormon soldiers to commit numerous crimes. The Mormons had many friends among the Missourians, but their military operations undercut their support in the non-Mormon community" (The 1838 Mormon War in Missouri, p.4).

This statement helps the reader understand why the Mormons were kicked out of Missouri in the first place. Because of their belief in being God's "chosen people", they treated others with less respect, and they had confidence in only THEIR leaders (even if they were wrong) which made them unlike able and was one of the reasons they were pushed west toward Utah.

This anti Mormon political cartoon is explaining how becoming Mormon and going to Utah would be like "hell on earth". They use the skull as a door to signify death. It's also important to know that the artist drew mostly women entering Utah. This is because women were attracted to having a life centralized with family and being able to participate in services. It's also important to know that the cartoon was illustrated by an ex Mormon priest, W. Jarman!

In this cartoon, Joseph Smith as an omnipotent being shooing away the other people. This is important because it shows how important people viewed Joseph smith during the movement.

The religion of Mormonism was all started in 1820, when JOSEPH SMITH saw a vision of Jesus Christ after praying about which church was the true church. Mormons believe that after thousands of years God had sent another prophet, which they believe was Joseph Smith. Because of the thought of "being God's chosen people" Mormons were thought of as disrespectful people of the nation. This i

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