800-961-1963-How to Use Private Browsing with Safari for iOS 9, iOS 8, & iOS 7?

Safari has always been a key area for the browser developers at Apple to introduce new updates and security patches. Over the last few years, we have seen a number updates for Safari, which surely advanced the technical inheritance in the browser.

Improved Private Browsing in another update for Safari in iOS 8 or newer, allowing the users to keep their internet browsing history concealed from others. It is a way that a user can hide his activities or the websites that he has visited or visits frequently. Apple support team at Apple development center understands the feasible risks that may possibly cause unwanted issue if browsing history or information is open to all.

Here is a set of technical procedures that can be used to turn the private browsing in your Safari on so as to keep it concealed from others. Though the process doesn’t comprise of in-depth technical procedures, yet you should stay armed with a real time technical support for Safari iOS 9, iOS 8 & iOS 7 – whichever you use.

How to enable private browsing in Safari on iOS 8 or newer:

  • Launch Safari web browser
  • Click the tab icon that is displayed in the bottom right corner
  • Up next, select the Private button seen in the bottom left corner
  • Click Done to confirm the changes you have made
  • Close all tabs and check if the private browsing is working on the Safari

Keep in mind, while setting up private browsing in Safari may erase all the previously-saved cache, history, or cookies, and preferences – if you go through improper procedures. You, first of all, need to troubleshoot Safari browser problems, if there is any technical issue with the browser.

While tweaking the settings, you should turn on “Keep All” tab to retain all those setups stored undamaged. In such conditions, you will not lose your previous settings once you exit the private browsing.

But when it comes to cleaning up browsing history or other related data information, you will have to do it separately in Safari settings. It does also offer some specific options to remove data for a particular website or domain.

So this is how you can get a private browsing experience in your Safari on iOS 9, iOS 8, and iOS 7. In case of any technical obstacles, you should immediately get in touch with an expert Apple technician to fix Safari browser pop-up errors with the maximum accuracy.

Apart from official support page, you do have a number of options to fetch technical help for your Safari web browser. Select a particular one and get your web browser tailored in your own way.