Bricklayers Formula

Chapter two Project:

The Bricklayer’s Formula

Aenne Thamm 25/11/2013

What is this Project about?

This Project is about the bricklayer’s formula. You need to find a wall and measure 1 feet by 1feet to find out how much bricks there are in 1ft by 1ft, so you can see if the formula N=7LH is equal to the amount of bricks in your 1 feet by 1 feet square, if yes than you can ahead and make other square and use the formula find out how much bricks there are in that square, but if not you need to change the formula.

Why did I choose this project?

I choose to write about this Project because you can learn something and you’re not the whole time inside you are also outside finding a brick wall to measure it. You can learn how to use formulas and how to write a new one if the one you use is wrong.

Does the formula N=7LH work on the wall that I use?

To find out if the formula N=7LH works on the wall that I use, we need to find out how much bricks there are in 1feet by 1feet. So I measured 1ft by 1ft and counted the bricks that were in 1ft by 1ft. I counted that there were 10 bricks in 1ft by 1ft. So now I know The formula doesn’t work because there are 10 bricks in 1ft by 1ft on the wall I use and on the wall that the formula used there were 7 bricks in 1ft by 1ft.

How can I change the formula?

To change the formula I need to just swap 7 to 10 so the formula actually is N=7LH and this is the formula changed N=10LH. Now that the formula works I can take and part of the wall.

The whole wall

To start off I will measure the whole wall. The length of the wall is 14.42ft and the height of the wall is 9.2ft. Now I can make the formula and see how much bricks there are in the wall.

My Guess

I guess that there would probably be 500 bricks in the wall. Because I saw the wall I think there would be no more than 600 bricks in the wall.

How much bricks are there in the wall?

To find out how many bricks there are in a wall I now need to use the formula. So N=10LH but because we have the numbers of the length and height we can fill it in, like this: N=10*14.42*9.2 and it equals to 1326.64.


My guess was not at all in the right way but guesses can’t be wrong. The result is N=10*14.42*9.2 = 1326.64.

3ft by 3ft

3ft by 3ft. Let’s see how much bricks are I there. For my second choice I took 3 feet by 3 feet because I thought 3 feet are not so big like me but also not too small for me, so I took it.

My Guess

I guess that there are 100 bricks inside, because if I look at the picture below, it does look as if it was 100 bricks. I don’t think there are any more than 110 bricks in a 3ft by 3ft part on a wall.

Do it

Now we need to use the formula again to see how much bricks there are. N=10*3*3. The total of 3 feet by 3 answer would be using the formula had I changed the answer would be 90 bricks in the square.


As a result my guess was very good because I just missed it by 10 bricks. The result is a very funny number because it is exactly 100.

Did I like the Project?

I really liked the project because you don’t just sit inside and make the project inside, and do all the pictures inside and don’t go outside. For example if you want to do your project at this day and then you take the whole day, and then you were the whole day not outside.

My wall was the wall from a graveyard 5 minutes away from my house. I think it’s not so hard to find a brick wall because in Vienna there are really much brick walls and I know someone who has a brick wall in their basement.

However, if you still don’t find any wall you could have still went to the school, because there is also a brick wall.

At the start I didn’t really understand the project, how to use the formula and hw to change the formula if the formula is wrong for the bricks that you use, because there are thousands of different brick sizes. But with the help of my mum I then understood what I should do and what I should measure and how to change the formula and really could do it.

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