Why does the world need good people?

     The world is filled with good and evil people everywhere you go. People always say we need more good people in this world. Good people can defined by the kindness they show others. I believe we need more good people in this world to teach the human race that there is hope in such a crazy world.

     Life is not always easy. There are all kinds of people with different sucesses or struggles. Some people have hope and some don't. If we have good people that are willing to show kindness to others then this world would be a better world to live in. People would grow and just imagine the possibilities of advancing the human race together. Instead of bringing each other down, we would lift one another. Having good people in this world would just make life a little easier to live.

     Having good people in this world would make our world a safer place to live.People would be safer to take late night walks without the worry of getting shot. People would be able to allow their children to safely go to the park without thinking they're going to get kidnapped. If we had more good people in this world, the bad people would think twice before committing a crime.

     Having more good people this world would create a peaceful world. Maybe there wouldn't be as many wars. Fighting for things that don't make sense. We would be able share our cultures with one another. This would allow us as a human race to grow and advance in knowledge. If we could all work together, we would be able to do things that allow us to advance in technology, instead of going against one another.

     In conclusion, having more good people would make our world kinder, safer and peaceful. The human race would be able to grow and be happier in continuing to live what we call life.


Letter of Recommendation

Dear Mr. Sanches,

     I would gladly and highly recommend Christopher for the waiter position. His work ethic is excellent. He is an amazing and true friend of mine. Christopher was employed by our company in 2006-2014.  He always displayed valuable skills that made our company greater. I recommend Christopher for this position and believe he will be an asset to your company.

     Christopher has a great personality and great customer service. He is also efficient and a multitasker. Christopher will be able to share this important skill in the position he is applying for. His personality is easy going and he will be able to make customers feel comfortable. Christopher is always going out of his way to go the extra mile for customers. He gives excellent customer service. He always resolves any problems and is able to do so with excellent customer service.

     Christophers skills will be able to offer great customer service, orders taken correctly and customer will enjoy his great personality. He will make the customers dining experience a happy and comfortable one. Customers will want to come back to your restaurant due to the great customer service Christopher will offer.


Brandon Mills



Mills Brandon Taylor                                  5/5/15

Treyarch                                                   Mills Brandon Talor

7787 Vandaharr                                      2828 Brandon str.

Los Angeles, CA 43997                          Los angeles 43997

Dear Mr. Stone,

     My name is Brandon Taylor Mills. I first started gaming when I was very young. I remember purchasing your game for the first time and playing it everyday. I enjoyed it so much that as time passed, I began to learn creative ways of enhancing the game.

     I would enjoy sharing my ideas to enhance the game to a higher and more challenging level. I want to be able to help create a game that will sell due to the creativity of the game. I would like to have the opportunity to apply what I have learned and to be part of your amazing company.


Brandon T. Mills


Brandon Mills

Phone number:888-2828

2828 Brandon Str



My goal as a professional is to create a game that will have my amazing past experences

1-4 YEARS  Desert Air

1 YEAR Lujuan chavez

2-Years Sun ridge


1 El dorado 9th grade academy

start:4/5/15 End:5/515 Wether king

Sweep the cabins


im very creative and enjoys people reactions.

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