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The link above is my year 12 A level Media blog about my Preliminary video which was to get us focused for the year and show what we could do with a camera and to see what we could remember about camera work from GCSE's.

Also on the blog is the main project we were given choices on what genre's we could do and we chose to do a horror trailer. we then researched what were the main genre features of horror i.e. darkness and isolation and then we asked our target audience which was our age group what scared them the most and then began looking a similar movie to what we were doing.

For the planning we just looked at how we were going to film and  when we were filming making up the shot list and schedule. once we had done this we were free to start the filming of the product. we made a video because we were making a trailer and a poster to give the effect the we were or had made the full film we also had to make a fake script to show how the film was going to carry on but we scraped the idea as it was not needed.

Other work I have done for my L3 diploma in creative media is making a DVD menu which is still in the making, we were ask to create are own DVD menu for a film of our chose as you can see I chose X-men Days of future past at the start of the project the film had yet to be released on DVD so this gave me the ability to chose my own ideas without having to worry if someone had already done the idea. this is an exciting project because it allows me to make something that I know was my own design rather than using others ideas or templates .    


these were my early unfinished versions and these are the final versions of my Main menu, Scene selection and Extras theses were the versions after first making this portfolio, I scraped the X logo and decided to make my own Trask industry Logo which was easier that the original idea I think that the characters on the Extras menu especially stand out more because of this as well as comparing the first and second Main menu shows a few months of progress and with the idea of taking a film that had not been released at the time make a DVD menu for it was lots of fun and a challenge.

Also on the course I did a task about small business which I had to create and video which would be upload to YouTube in the video I talk about how I would start up a small business in the creative media sector and how I would consider what is important in running the business.

I also did a advert task as well this was that me and a group had to make four adverts three being adverts being two minutes, thirty seconds and ten seconds which show the advert on different platforms and a web banner for online.

Above is some work showing how People consume technology it shows what technology they use and how they use the internet. we had a brief to research about how people use the internet after we had made a questionnaire and collated the data we had to show the information in a creative way as a poster which was easy to follow.  

Here is another piece of work , we had to take a film of our choice and create a magazine article on which had to be double page as well as an overview of the story, a rating and one positive and negative thing. we had to set the layout in a way that made it look professional. Before this we had to look at real magazines from different genre's to understand more about magazine layout and how to draw the attention of the reader.    

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