The past few days weren't that special, and I don't count this one either. I just want to keep a record of this day because I haven't written anything about my life here, which is kind of required for our Intro to IT subject (aka the reason why I have a Tackk at the first place).

Yesterday, I half-heartedly went to the clinic with my mom because she obliged me to do so. Thing is, I've been feeling like I was about to faint on certain occasions, say, it happened twice or thrice, and it's darn awful. I feel cold, my heart palpitates so I can't breathe normally, my hearing and vision becomes blurry, and I become pale instantly, who would love that? The doctor said that I should go for a complete blood count in order to get a better view of where the problem is really coming from, since my blood pressure is normal, but it seemed to her (and even to my mom) that my blood is the reason behind it.

And so we followed her orders, my skin's been sucked by a needle for a blood test, and the results revealed that I lack in lymphocytes and white blood cells. How cool is that? -_-

I'm just hoping that my health, which has not been a friend of mine since forever (I'm asthmatic, too) will be okay after the prescribed medication.

Pengeng white blood cells.