I learned a lot of thing from this project. this will help me a lot in the future.Now I now how to manage my on a budget.I am really glad we did this project.  

Job and Salary

I am a Doctor and I make about 76,305 before taxes and after Taxes are deducted I get 64,859.25

Yearly income/monthly income

My yearly income is 76,305, and my monthly income is 5,404.94 to get my yearly income I did my monthly times 12.12 is the number of months in the yearly and to get my monthly I did my yearly divided by 12.12. Thats how i got my yearly and monthly income.

My house and car

I kedgot the 2 bed room 1 bath room and it was 733 monthly and the Utilities was 120.00 i want that one because I still whated some money left over for savings so i got that one.For my car i got the ford f150 the month car payment was 341.00 the insurance was 100.00 and the month gas was 200.00.I got the Ford f150  because i whated a good ride and I couldnt aford the mustang ,and didnt what the Kawasaki Motorcycle because those are a little dangeros,and the Ford Fiesta was funny looking.Thats how I picked my car and house.

My grocery list

for my grocery list i need basic things to survive the month these are the thing i would need.

milk  2.31

meat  9.74

yogert  6.32

butter 5.28

bread 11.72

salt  1.28

pepper  3.95

chips  3.00

deodorant  8.45

toilet paper 22.48

vegetable oil  7.38

baccon  8.32

landry detergent  13.68

shampoo  7.00

My budget