Fashion Designers use math 90% of the time they design. They use geometry, counting for inventory, pricing, costs, value, and proportions. Calculations and measurements are used daily by designers.

They use many of the concepts we have learned this year. They have to find angles to sew at, percents when discounting, amount to spend and charge for a profit, set up proportions to know what to re-order when doing inventory, and they use tessellations when designing patterns.

This is enough to provide for a future family. The family would have to be small, but the more experience you get as a fashion designer the higher your salary is.

Technology impacts this career in many ways. The designers can make 3D images online to see what the designs look like on models. They can sell their designs to customers on the internet to make money twice as fast.  The most important thing designers use technology for is manufacturing.  

Future technology will help this career majorly. Technology is only improving and it will help sell products more efficiently. Someday it will allow the buyer to try on the item digitally so they can see what it looks like on them before they buy it.

Other occupations that are related to this career are interior design and jewelry designing.

What we found most interesting about this job is how much variety they get to work with. There are endless amounts of fabrics, thread colors, and textures. They also have a lot of freedom with what they make. There is no exact instruction to make a shirt. They make it a little different every time and add their own personal style.

We only knew a few things about how this job is related to math. We had never thought about different angles to sew at or cutting out different shapes.

We would like all the freedom from this job and being able to put our own fashion style on the products. We would dislike the fear that our products wouldn't sell and getting fired at a moments notice. Since you put your own style sense into the product, not everybody would  like it.

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